"If the internet was a drug, it would be Class A," says Fran Healy...

Travis played an exclusive live show broadcast on their website today. They band played

‘More Than Us’ ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me?’ ‘Good Feeling’ ‘Writing To Reach You’ ‘Driftwood’ ‘Slide Show’

Travis frontman Fran Healy told “It was great. There was about 50 people come in off the street and standing round. I had my head down the whole time try not to make any mistakes and when I looked up there were all these people standing there.”


“We did it once before and it crashed and it exploded but this is amazing, ” he said. “The internet is the future, I have not had that much excitement since picking up the guitar at 13. If the internet was a drug, it would be Class A, it would be illegal. It’s highly addictive, it’s expensive and it fucks up your brain. With all drugs there’s a ritual, you’ve got to set up your computer, click on this, click on that.”

Travis will appear at the London Kentish Town Forum this Sunday as part of the benefit for Kosovo refugees with Paul Weller (two of) The Stereophonics and others.