First the Scots band cover '...Baby One More Time' - now they're using the man behind that infamous video for their new promo...

Travis are to further cement ties between them and Britney Spears with the announcement that the man behind the infamous schoolgirl video for SPEARS ‘…BABY ONE MORE TIME’ – a live Travis favourite – is to direct a new US-only promo for the band’s single ‘TURN’.

Director Nigel Dick is working with Travis on the new promo in Toronto today and tomorrow (September 11, 12). The band revealed they needed a new video because the film used to promote the single in Europe – in which singer Fran Healy is seen taking part in a marathon session of press-ups was “very, very British, very London“.

Speaking to like big tower blocks and London houses, and it’s very, very British, very London.”

Frontman Healy added: “I think it’s that thing where a lot of British bands will make a video there and then come over here and American audiences are like, ‘What? What does it mean? It doesn’t make sense. It’s not got a middle bit. C’mon, have a point.’ But I’m kind of happy that we’re making another video. I like making videos.”

Travis are currently enjoying increasing success in the US, where they look likely to be the only UK guitar band this year to achieve some notable success.

Healy also revealed that the band had actively sought Dick to helm the new promo.

“We went looking for him,” he said. “He knows the band because he used to work with our record company guy in Britain, like 10, 15, 16 years ago, then he came over here and became a video director.

“He’s aware of the band and really likes the band, so we grabbed him and said, ‘Would you do it?’ And he was like, ‘Let’s hear the song,’ and he loved it.”

‘…Baby One More Time’ has become a live staple for Travis. What was initially something of a joke filler has now become a regular in their encores.