The collaboration between the Travis frontman and the ex-Inspiral Carpets keyboard player is out in July...

The duet between TravisFRAN HEALY and ex-Inspiral Carpets keyboard player CLINT BOON will be released on July 17.

‘Do What You Do (Earworm Song)’, out on Artful, will appear on the b-side of Boon‘s solo version of the same track. The CD featuring the duet will be deleted after the first week of release.

Describing the duet, Boon said: “It’s a classic rock ‘n’ roll duet. It’s just very traditional, ’50s doo-wop rock ‘n’ roll. It’s very retro, like Frank and Nancy Sinatra. Fran and Nancy! You can tell which one I am can’t you?”


The pair first met last November when The Clint Boon Experience were supporting Travis on tour.

Boon explained: “Fran got on our bus one afternoon and said ‘What I really like about your album is that every song on it is an earworm’. I said ‘What do you mean?’ And he told me it was a German expression – ’cause Fran‘s girlfriend is German – meaning when something gets in your head and you can’t get rid of it, it’s an earworm. It’s usually associated with a tune.”

He continued: “Because me and Fran got on so well, I wrote this song basically inspired by him. The song refers to the way he’s into my songwriting and I’m into his songwriting. It’s basically songwriters patting each other on the back. We played it live in London ULU in February and all of Travis were there. Fran came backstage and said he thought the song was so beautiful and I said ‘Well, that’s your song, you can sing it if you want’. And that’s how it came about.”

But Boon denied rumours that he would be involved in the production of the next Travis album: “Nah, that’s just people putting two and two together. I’d be flattered if they asked me but it’s not gonna happen.”

The Clint Boon Experience are currently writing and recording their next album, which Boon hopes will include the duet. The album, working title ‘Pop Is The Gravy’, should be released in September.

“Five songs are complete, three are complete but not mixed and three I’ve not written yet. But they’re in my head. It sounds great. It’s a mish-mash of styles and influences and craziness and a lot of happiness all over the place,” said Boon.


The Clint Boon Experience play at this year’s Reading and Leeds festivals and T In The Park.

Meanwhile, Travis released their new single, ‘Coming Around’, this week through Independiente. They play Glastonbury, T In The Park, Party In The Park and V2000 this summer.

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