Fran Healy says there's not a weak song on the follow-up to 'The Man Who'...

TRAVIS mainman FRAN HEALY has boasted the recording of their new album has been “surprisingly easy”, and there’s “not a weak song” amongst the material written so far

Travis have been writing and recording the follow-up to ‘The Man Who’ with producer Nigel Godrich.

Speaking about the recording sessions, he told [url=] “There’s not a weak song among them, but I am going to write a few more songs for it. There’s even a great track that has banjo on it. It was originally set aside for comedian Billy Connolly, but he was in Britain when we were recording.”


He also claimed recording so far has been “surprisingly easy”. He added: “Every time you go into the recording studio you expect to have a really hard time…that you’re doing it all by the skin of you teeth. But this time it was great… Nigel (Godrich) is the best in the world. His skills as a producer match the skills he has as an engineer and he is great at getting a great performance out of people.”

Speaking previously to NME.COM, Healy said that the band intend to tour the new album for 18 months following its release in April or May. The album has a tentative title of ‘Afterglow’, and the band have earmarked 12 tracks for the record.

It’s likely they’ll include previous single ‘Coming Around’, ‘Safe’, ‘Indefinitely’, ‘Flowers In The Window’, ‘The Cage’, ‘The Humpty Dumpty Love Song’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Slide’, ‘Sing’ and ‘Afterglow’. ‘Flowers In The Window’ is being tipped as a future single.

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