The gong for Best Band will sit behind the Horseshoe Bar...

Travis have donated their BRIT AWARD for Best Band to the landlord of THE HORSESHOE BAR, the GLASGOW pub where they used to rehearse.

Fran Healy handed over the gong, which the band won at the Brits in March, to landlord Dave Smith yesterday (August 15), saying: “Well, what am I going to do with it? It’s as well in here where people can see it as stuck away in my bedroom somewhere. The Horseshoe is the only bar in Glasgow where everyone comes, from the rich to the poor. We used to rehearse here in 1995.”

Speaking in today’s Daily Record, he also spoke about his feelings for their million-selling ‘The Man Who’, which also won them a Best Album award at the Brits:”I don’t know how [the new album] will differ from ‘The Man Who’. The last album had weaknesses but then something that’s good artistically always has to have faults.”


The city centre pub is also home to the band’s gold disc for ‘The Man Who’, which Travis presented to the pub last Christmas Eve.

Travis are currently preparing for this weekend’s V2000 festival. They play Hylands Park, Chelmsford (August 19) and Weston Park, Staffordshire (August 20).

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