Singer Fran Healy tells of the band's plans for the follow-up to The Man Who...

Travis will return to the studio this autumn to record the follow-up their two million-selling album ‘THE MAN WHO’ and are looking towards a May 2001 release, can reveal.

Speaking exclusively to on Tuesday (May 2) during a night off from their US tour with Oasis, frontman Fran Healy also revealed he “would put [his] neck on a chopping block” to achieve success in the US.

“American success is extremely important to Travis,” he said. America has a massive amount of people and we want to get the songs to as many of them as possible. I would put my neck on a chopping block for that. Just now… I’m totally obsessed. We’ve got to play to as many people as possible. I’d be doing it like I was doing it for six years.”

Travis have been enjoying phenomenal receptions in America since the tour began in Seattle on April 5, even though people are not entirely sure just who they are.

Healy adds, “At every single show there’s been standing ovations, and people are going mental. We come out of the theatre at the end of the show and a lot of people leaving going “That was a great show who… but was that band that came on first? Who are… Travis?””

Nonetheless, ‘The Man Who’, at 150 in the Billboard charts, is currently outselling Oasis’ ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’.

But Healy admitted to having the jitters about embarking on the road in the US with Oasis.

“I was kind of worried at first because of all the reports from previous Oasis tours in America. They just go ‘whaaa!’ and stop the tour halfway through. And before we did it there was that sort of niggling thing in the back of my head, but as soon as we were on the tour it was apparent that the two brothers were on great form and they were gonna do the whole tour. They got their hunger back.”

Healy also said Travis would return to the US following the release of a new album – which, like ‘The Man Who’, will be produced by longtime Radiohead associate Nigel Godrich.

“We’ll release it May 2001 and tour it for 18 months,” he said. “So it will be like 2003 before we get a proper big long break, so we’re kind of working up until then. We’re definitely going to come here in the next three years.”

Meanwhile, Travis will release new single ‘Coming Around’ through Independiente in the UK on June 5. The single, which should be included on Travis’ next album, also features the songwriting debut of bassist Dougie Payne with a track called ‘Just The Faces Change’. Certain formats also feature a cover of The Band’s ‘The Weight’ which has become a Travis live staple in the US.