Fran Healy joins the host of pop stars, including Alex James and Damon Albarn, who have opted for a trip to the barber ...

In a week where pre-Crimbo coiffing has been all the rage in indie-land, FRAN HEALY is the latest star to join the trend, by “doing a GAZZA”.

The Glasgow boy’s radical new bleached blonde barnet was unveiled last night (December 7) via the Travis webcam, which has been set up in their studio in London, where they are currently recording their new album with producer Nigel Godrich.

This week has already seen a flood of pop stars flocking to the barber. Alex James last night revealed his new ‘do at the Idler party, when he joined Zodiac Mindwarp on stage. And Alex’s Blur bandmate Damon Albarn has also been in for the snip, and come out with a bohemian-chic feathered cut.


To get a glimpse of Fran’s platinum locks before the star returns to Britain next week, when they are due to wind up in the studio and return home, [url=]Click here…


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