Fran Healy writes a new song - despite being under the weather, poor lamb...

FRAN HEALY has revealed he wrote a new TRAVIS song during a recent stay in hospital.

The band had to cancel their Japanese tour when Healy fell ill with a viral infection. The singer has told NME.COM he went into hospital for four days, where he started composing new material.

“I had the guitar in the hospital bed,” he said. “I wrote one song, just a daft song about asking a doctor about being sick, like lovesick and asking him how long you’ve got to live.”

Healy says the new track, which is likely to end up as a B-side, is going under the working title of ‘Doctor’. Under doctor’s orders, the frontman is now at home, resting.

“I’m at home recovering, I got this virus. It knocked me on my arse,” he said. “It’s not life threatening. It’s just like I never get ill ever and it was my first kind of ‘Oh my God.’ They had to take me to hospital ‘cos they didn’t know what it was. The doctor came round and he was like ‘Hmmm, you should maybe go in and they’ll do some blood tests,’ and so I went in and did that.”

Healy added: “It was good fun. I’m not a big fan of hospitals I must say. The doctors like doing tests on you so I did the gamut of blood tests and skin tests and all kinds of tests.”

The singer says he’s now back in the swing of things and working on material for the follow-up to ’12 Memories’.

He added: “I’ve got about eight songs and counting, but it’s an ongoing thing. I kind of write a lot. It’s my only vice.”

As previously reported on NME.COM, Healy was admitted to hospital after finishing recording their latest single, ‘Love Will Come Through’, for the ‘Parkinson’ show on BBC.

In a posting on the band’s official website [url=], Healy said: “We just got back from filming Parky and that night I felt a bit weird and then two days later I felt bloody awful and then I got this mad rash on the Saturday and the doc said I should go to the hospital, in case it was something “super baad” but thankfully it wasn’t. They suspected some viral thing but wanted to keep me in for observation.”