The Radio 1 DJ admits he was "petrified" at the thought - but everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves...

TRAVIS and FEEDER stars FRAN HEALY and GRANT NICHOLLS were those who gathered in South LONDON last night (December 22) to celebrate Christmas with STEVE LAMACQ.

The show, broadcast live on Radio 1, featured live performances from Healy and Nicholls, alongside Razorlight’s Johnny Borrell and rising stars Keane.

Healy said: “He’s a living legend and I was honoured that he invited me around his house. I was expecting more takeaway wrappers but it’s actually very respectable. I’m proud of him.”

Lamacq told NME.COM: “I was petrified, I don’t often have people around my house and I was a bit worried that people wouldn’t enjoy themselves but everyone’s getting on really well. Fran Healy’s in the living room right now getting DJing tips off Tom Middleton. Was I worried about people nicking anything? I was more worried they’d find my Sheena Easton records…”