Fran Healy gets upset as part of the Cardiff crowd ignore his request for silence...

Disgruntled fans hurled coins at FRAN HEALY after the singer reportedly branded the audience “wankers” at a TRAVIS show in Cardiff.

The alleged bust-up came during Monday night’s (March 22) show at the Cardiff International Arena when Healy asked for silence while he performed a solo acoustic version of ‘Flowers In The Window’.

Noisy audience members near the front of the stage caused Healy to stop mid-song to make rude gestures and shout obscenities at the group.

He finished the song to loud applause but seconds later was hit by coins thrown from the same area of the audience as the shouting had come from.

“Don’t ever throw coins at a performer on stage. Show respect. Twenty-one pence… that could be the difference between blinding someone,” The Daily Mirror reports Healy as having told the audience, “Find out who did that and if they’re standing next to you, gob on them.”