Bass player Dougie Payne admits he got extremely jealous when he caught Macca and Fran hard at it...

TRAVIS frontman FRAN HEALY has revealed how PAUL MCCARTNEY created a wedge between the band.

Speaking in an interview on the official Travis website, Fran recounts the night he was asked to join the superstar onstage at the Millennium edition of cult UK music TV show ‘The Tube’:

Fran recalls: “Everybody loves The Beatles but Dougie’s really possessive. Paulis like, ‘Do this song.’ I’m like, ‘Okay, I’ll play it, sing this verse and all that stuff. And I just felt this presence in the room, and it was Dougie! There were loads of people in the room and Dougie was standing there…[mimes jaw dropping to floor, holding pint in each hand].”

Dougie confessed: “I have never been jealous of Franny, but I was like that, ‘Fuck! … Fuck!…””

Fran also explains why he doesn’t want a Number One single. He states: “[It’s] a bit scary when you get a Number One single, the tabloids come knocking.” But he adds that the band are always genuinely thrilled when their albums do well.

During the interview, the group

also describe their best and worst gigs. To watch the full video interview, click here.