Oh, they're all pals. Ain't that nice? Maybe they're discussing how to slay the States...

In an NME.COM exclusive, members of TRAVIS, COLDPLAY, STARSAILOR, DOVES and EMBRACE got together backstage in NEW YORK for this photograph.

The picture was taken last Tuesday (June 26) after Doves and Starsailor played New York’s Irving Plaza. All the bands pictured here are playing their part in the renaissance of UK guitar bands in the US, with Coldplay and Travis leading the charge. Radiohead have also managed to succeed in the US and it’s the first time since Oasis that UK bands are being taken seriously in the US.

Recent figures show that British music is enjoying its best overseas performance in more than a decade, thanks to these bands and acts including Craig David, Dido and S Club 7.

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