Ticketless devotees are left disappointed when they turn up to see the 'Invisible Band'...

Over a hundred ticketless TRAVIS fans were unable to see their heroes at an exclusive acoustic appearance in NEW YORK last night (June 26).

The band performed a 35-minute set at the downtown Virgin Megastore in New York. Four hundred VIP passes were distributed to those who purchased new album ‘The Invisible Band’ in advance of the promotional instore appearance.

But the hundred more fans who showed up empty handed were left watching on closed-circuit televisions scattered throughout the store. Only pass holders could stand in areas with a view of the band.

A very chatty Fran Healy showed off his bleached blond Mohawk hairdo and gave long introductions during the band’s set.

Healy said introducing ‘Side’: “In school my physics teacher told me the only shape in the universe that’s only got one side is a circle, and I’ve been obsessed with that ever since.

“Sometimes we’ll have differences, but we’ll always be on the same side because the circle’s so big.”

The singer took off his shirt to reveal a tank top and joked, “I’ve got a bricklayer’s tan.”

After playing five songs from the new album, the band closed with classic single ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me?’. Healy promised the loud crowd that they’d “keep coming back and back and back and back” to the country.

Travis were in New York in advance of their performance with Dido at Jones Beach, Long Island tonight (June 27).