The band await a full medical report on Neil Primrose's back injury as their headline slot hangs in the balance...

TRAVIS have revealed they consider it “totally inappropriate” to use a replacement drummer for V2002.

The group’s headline appearance at the festival hangs in the balance following the injury to Neil Primrose in France earlier in the month (July 7). Travis have already cancelled European dates following the injury to the drummer.

The band had completed a performance at the Belfort Festival. Whilst relaxing in the pool, Primrose struck his head and was knocked unconscious. After realising his predicament, other band and crew members dragged Neil from the pool and gave him assistance.

He was taken by ambulance to the local hospital in Belfort to receive treatment and to undergo tests.

Primrose underwent surgery last week (July 11) to stabilise the fractured vertebrae in his neck. As part of the operation he had a bone graft from his hip and surrounding the fractured vertebrae was inserted a small internal metal cage.

Following the successful operation, he will return to the UK tomorrow (July 18). A statement issued today reveals that on his return he will undergo physiotherapy, but it remains unclear how long his recovery will take.

Travis also took the opportunity to reveal that they will not play with a replacement at the festival in Chelmsford and Stafford on August 17-18.

The statement reads: “Neil is recovering well following surgery and is looking forward to returning to the UK on Thursday to begin a period of physiotherapy. It is not clear at this stage how long this treatment will continue but, doctors are very encouraged by the progress that Neil is making.

Travis are awaiting to receive a full medical report at the end of this week before making any decisions regarding V2002, although, they have indicated that it would be totally inappropriate to consider using a replacement drummer under the circumstances.”

V2002 bosses say they remain “very hopeful” Travis will appear.