Frontman Fran Healy sees '12 Memories' as a new start for the band after a traumatic time...

TRAVIS have confirmed final details of their new album ’12 MEMORIES’.

The album, the band’s fourth, is released on October 13 through Independiente.

Speaking about the album, Fran Healy said if drummer Neil Primrose hadn’t recovered from the swimming pool accident in France, the band would’ve split.

He said: “In the past Nora, my fiancée, inspired a lot of the songs about love. But we’re solid now so I felt it I could move on. September 11 was the start of something. I can now see how fragile the world is.

“We hadn’t anticipated the success of ’The Man Who’ and by the time of ’The Invisible

Band’ little cracks were beginning to appear. Suddenly we weren’t this little band in Glasgow any more. We desperately needed to take a step back and re-evaluate. Neil’s accident was devastating and almost the end of Travis. This band would not exist without one of the four members. Neil’s recovery was amazing, we were all given another chance.”

The tracklisting runs:


‘The Beautiful Occupation’


‘Peace The Fuck Out’

‘How Many Hearts’


‘Somewhere Else’

‘Love Will Come Through’

‘Mid-life Krysis’

‘Happy To Hang Around’

‘Walking Down The Hill’