Fran Healy tells NME.COM that 'Re-Offender' marks a "change in songwriting approach"...

TRAVIS have turned to the prickly issue of domestic violence as the subject for their comeback single ‘RE-OFFENDER’ – the first glimpse of the band’s new album ’12 MEMORIES’.

Singer Fran Healy told NME.COM that the song, which is released on September 29, sees a completely different songwriting approach for him and the rest of the band.

“I’ve always written about love and now that I’ve found that I’ve unblocked that particular thing,” he said. “I’m writing about different things now. I had to change the subject matter. I’ve changed the whole way I approach songwriting. This time I started with beats and piano.


“We like the idea of ‘Re-Offender’ being played on commercial radio but it being about domestic abuse in its many different guises. It’ll be a song that’ll mean a lot to a lot of different people because a lot of people go through that day to day – being in a relationship and you can’t get out of it because of fear, or pride.”

He added: “Whether you’re getting beaten up, or your partner’s two timing on you or being verbally abusive. Abuse in any form, they always say they’re sorry and then you forgive them and you go do it again. It’s like ‘Why don’t you get out?’ Generally it’s to do with your pride. I think there’ll be a lot of people that get it.”

Travis, who played at this year’s Benicassim Festival, are currently planning UK shows. NME.COM understands that a handful of dates are likely for October or November. The band are also working on photography for the single and the album sleeves.

“We decided that because we were talking about memories we’d go to four places where each band member has a really strong memory,” Fran revealed. “I thought, if we go there maybe the picture will have a reflection of something when you see the person in that environment. It’s just the most amazing stuff. It turned out phenomenal.”

’12 Memories’ is released in October.