Watch Blink-182’s Travis Barker join dance troupe in energetic ‘America’s Got Talent’ grand finale

The stickman appeared during a choreography piece by Indian dance troupe V.Unbeatable

Travis Barker joined a dance troupe for an energetic performance on the grand finale of America’s Got Talent: The Champions at the weekend.

The Blink-182 sticksman played the drums during a choreography piece by dance troupe V.Unbeatable.

The troupe, who originate from Mumbai, India, made it into the 2020 Champions season of the show after the judges hit the golden buzzer on the 14th season of the show in 2019.


In the performance, a member of the dance team is catapulted into the air, somersaulting over Barker as he drums. Later, the Blink-182 drummer extends a drum stick over his head, and one of V.Unbeatable’s young dancers snatches it as he is somersaulted.

Watch the clip below:

Meanwhile, Blink-182 have launched a charity merch collection to help victims of the Australia bushfires.

Sharing the collection on Twitter, the band posted: “Australia is being ravaged by deadly fires, and we just feel so helpless. We put out a new merch line + donating all proceeds to charity. Let’s do our part to make sure everyone, the environment, plus all of these kangaroos & koala bears are safe.”


All proceeds from collection will go to the Australia Zoo in Queensland, who are medically treating and rehabilitating sick, injured and displaced wildlife following the bushfires.

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