Travis Barker files lawsuit after nerve damage left him unable to tour with Blink-182

The drummer has been out of action for the whole summer.

Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker has filed two lawsuits after a car crash and a botched medical procedure prevented him from working.

The drummer, 42, was involved in a car accident in July, when his black Mercedes collided with a school bus that did not have any children in it at the time.

Barker, who was not at fault in the incident, is now suing the bus company and bus driver, claiming that the accident was caused by an illegal left turn attempted by the bus driver.


travis barker, blink-182
Travis Barker

He is also taking legal action against California’s Medical Imaging Center, after undergoing an MRI there a month before the crash.

After having a routine check-up ahead of a Blink-182 tour, Barker claims that he was left with nerve damage. He alleges that workers were unable to find a vein to inject him with sedative.

It led to more than 40 separate attempts, allegedly with a dirty needle, resulting in nerve damage and a staph infection.

The Medical Center and the bus company are both yet to respond.


Earlier this month, it was confirmed that Blink 182 have cancelled all their upcoming tour dates due to Travis Barker’s ongoing medical issues.

“Medical issues have sidelined Travis per doctors’ orders,” the band said.

“Trav’s medical team anticipated that he would be well enough by fall to tour but after recent checkups they were not able to clear him in time for the scheduled run of date.”