Watch Travis’ performing ‘Driftwood’ from their upcoming ‘Live At Glastonbury ’99’ release

It's arriving next week

Travis have released a new video of a classic performance of ‘Driftwood’ from their iconic Glastonbury 1999 set. Watch it first on NME below.

Released as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of Travis’ breakthrough year, the ‘Live at Glastonbury 99’ album will feature the 16-songs that the band played in 99, featuring classics such as ‘More Than Us’, ‘Driftwood’, ‘Happy’ and ‘Turn.’ The album will be released on June 21.

‘Live At Glastonbury 99’ will be available as a CD, a two-LP set (standard and exclusive editions) and as a digital download.


Speaking about their performance to NME, guitarist Andy Dunlop said: “It was an amazing year, first sunny Glastonbury in ages (apart from during our set when we made it rain!) and everyone was well up for it. I missed our tour bus leaving and just stuck around for the weekend after and the vibe was electric that year.”

As part of the anniversary celebrations, the band have also announced plans to release an expanded edition of their acclaimed second album, ‘The Man Who.’

For the special release, the band have selected 19 B-sides which will be available on both a digital and CD reissue of the album.


Looking back on their achievements, frontman Fran Healy says: “We just enjoyed it – for as long as it lasted. We didn’t force it. We rode the rollercoaster for as long as we could, but we didn’t hang on for dear life.


“At the end of The Man Who, I was just totally energised,” recalls Healy. “We didn’t take the chance to stop and smell the roses – we didn’t want to – we just kept going, right through [2001’s] ‘The Invisible Band’.”

Reflecting on their Glastonbury performance, Healy said, “We all thought it was a really below-par performance and a literal washout. When I got home that night, I switched the TV on and the presenters on the Glastonbury highlights were hailing us as the performance of the festival.

I watched it years later on YouTube. It was a great performance. A band teetering on the pivot and then tipping all in one gig.”

Speaking about the band, who are all still together and making music, Healey said: “We’re like a couple who celebrate their 60th anniversary and they’re still in love. It’s all about the relationship. This is the marriage of four men – and it’s hard enough to keep two people interested, never mind four.”