Travis Scott funds emergency food programme for Houston residents hit by storm

People across Texas are currently without electricity and water due to a severe winter storm

Travis Scott is funding an emergency food programme to help the residents of Houston who have been hit by a severe winter storm.

Currently, people across Texas have been without electricity and water for days after a spate of snow and below-freezing temperatures incapacitated the state’s electric grid. A major disaster has now been declared in the state.

The rapper is doing his bit to help out via his Cactus Jack Foundation, which has teamed up with the city government to supply 50,000 hot meals to residents affected by the storm.


Scott’s organisation, the Houston Health Foundation and Mayor Sylvester Turner will coordinate with local groups and restaurant owners to provide food to Houston’s most vulnerable people.

Travis Scott
Travis Scott. CREDIT: Gary Miller/Getty Images.

According to Complex, to qualify for the program, residents must live in one of 30 high-priority ZIP codes and be senior citizens, high-risk or homebound adults, people with disabilities, families with children under 18 years old, unemployed or on low incomes.

The storm has caused food banks to close, as well as halting the state’s coronavirus vaccination efforts. At least 40 people have died in Texas as a result of the storm.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz was widely criticised for leaving the state to go to Mexico with his family after the weather crisis began. He returned to Texas a day after flying to Cancún, telling reporters that he planned the holiday for his daughters “wanting to be a good dad”, but had returned because it “didn’t feel right”.


Days later, a mariachi band turned up outside his house, mocking his brief trip south of the border. Mariachi Mi Mexico were hired to play from funds raised by a GoFundMe, which, after paying the band, is donating its additional proceeds to the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston.