Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ release ‘Waves’ score, detail third ‘Watchmen’ OST

Including an alternate Nine Inch Nails mythology in which Trent Reznor went missing in 1995

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have released their new score for the film Waves on streaming services, along with details of their third and final installment of the Watchmen soundtrack.

Following the film’s theatrical premiere last month, Reznor and Ross’ 14-song score for Waves – the new drama from Trey Edward Shults (It Comes At Night) – has now been made available on digital streaming services.

The Nine Inch Nails website describes the record as Reznor and Ross “at their most abstract, deconstructed, and beautiful.” Listen below.


The duo’s third and final installment of the Watchmen OST will be released on December 16th. According to Birth.Movies.Death., the liner notes appear to detail an alternate reality version of the band called “The Nine Inch Nails” existing within the Watchmen universe.

In the alternative universe, the band have released significantly less music, Reznor hasn’t been since since 1995, and this album – ‘The Manhattan Project’ – was recorded on a dare at “The Crater”, the name given to the empty field in North Wales where Cartwithen Castle used to be.

Reznor and Ross have also shared five bonus tracks left over from the Vol. 3 release, with the former joking that some of it was left off because of Watchmen creator Damon Lindelof.

“The simple truth of the matter is vinyl has a long lead time to manufacture and we weren’t completely finished scoring the later episodes when the deadline came (and… Damon kept throwing things at us last minute!),” Reznor explained.


The Nine Inch Nails singer recently talked about the decision to break up the Watchmen soundtrack into three separate parts as a way to give each a little breathing space.

He told Billboard: “I think that putting out an hour and a half of music today is like throwing it out the window — it’s asking too much of a kind of short attention span audience that we’ve all become.

“So breaking it up into chunks felt like something we wanted to do. It’s just something that feels very Watchmen to us. It’s fun, and a cool way to get music out and be part of the story.”