Trent Reznor recalls a near-death experience on a plane after Coachella

The frontman ended up holding hands with a dubstep DJ

Nine Inch Nails singer Trent Reznor has revealed his “near-death experience” on a harrowing plane journey travelling from Coachella to Las Vegas.

The frontman was sat with the band’s most recent member Atticus Ross when the plane suddenly plummeted.

Now, the pair have proved to be a winning team, garnering multiple awards for their film soundtracks but when faced with impending doom, Reznor turned to dubstep DJ Bassnectar who was seated beside him.


The star told The Quietus: “Bassnectar was on the flight too and I remember him sitting next to me and I wasn’t sure who he was at first. But when you have a near death experience on a plane, that changes everything.”

Reznor and Bassnectar gripped each other’s hands throughout the sharp vertical drop.

“We may have been holding hands by the time we regained altitude,” he went on, noting, “I never used to be conscious of it but now I’m aware that I’m in a flying tin can of potential death every time I step onto a plane.”

Hopefully, the experience won’t interfere with their upcoming tour dates from September to December.

The crowds at Mad Cool 2018 will definitely be grateful Reznor made it all the way to Spain earlier this month – check out these images from their blistering set.


Back in June, the band released ‘Bad Witch’, their ninth studio album. In a five-star review, NME wrote: “A triptych of a record, ‘Bad Witch’ spans all of NIN’s many sides. From clattering industrial sonics to expansive, soaring soundscapes, via free jazz and mutating electronica, it’s the sound of a band bolstering their already formidable palette.”