The Radio 1 R&B DJ is rushed to hospital after falling over and hitting his head...

TREVOR NELSON, the UK’s most popular R&B DJ, was rushed to hospital after an accident occurred during the filming of his BBC music show TREVOR NELSON PRESENTS.

Just before the cameras began rolling on another edition of the show that has already featured live performances from Barry White, Kelis, Sean Escoffrey and Beverley Knight, Trevor tripped and fell, hitting his head so badly that he had to be immediately rushed to hospital to have the badly bleeding wound compressed.

Trevor told NME.COM that he promptly left hospital and returned to the studio to present the show. “I saw stars immediately after I fell!” he laughed. “What I thought was water streaming from my eyes was blood,” he added. “But once left the hospital I was back at work. I just asked around the studio for a hat and I presented the whole show like that.” He says the wound is so ‘nasty’ that he’ll be wearing his new Wookie hat for some time to come.


Ironically, Trevor’s DJ tag used to be Madhatter when he started out as a sound system DJ before graduating to former pirate radio station Kiss 100FM. Trevor moved to Radio 1 in 1996 with his flagship Rhythm Nation show.

Trevor exclusively revealed to NME.COM that he will be a featured guest on a forthcoming edition of the BBC’s Never Mind The Buzzcocks, and has another episode in his ongoing Players Club music documentary series waiting in the wings which will feature Spice Girl Mel B.