Tribes give away re-recorded version of ‘Coming Of Age’ as a free download

Indie four-piece are currently recording their second studio album in Los Angeles

Tribes have offered up a new version of their track ‘Coming Of Age’ and are giving the track away as a free download from their official Facebook page

The track originally appeared as the title track on the band’s April 2011 EP ‘We Were Children’ but did not make the cut for the group’s debut album ‘Baby’, which was released in January of this year.

The band are currently recording the follow-up to ‘Baby’ in Los Angeles’ Sound City Studios, where the likes of Nirvana‘s ‘Nevermind’ and Arctic Monkeys‘ ‘Suck It And See’ were made.


Asked about their plans for his band’s second album, the band’s singer Johnny Lloyd told NME: “We want to get the new album out early next year. We’ve been talking with Island (their record label) about when we’ll put it out. We started recording ‘Baby’ in April last year so we’ve had those songs for a long time. We want to be constantly on the road and the only way we can do that is by constantly putting stuff out. We’ve been working quite hard on a batch of songs for the new record. I’d like to get it out early next year, but I’m not sure the label will like that.”

Then asked why the band wanted to record again so quickly, Lloyd added: “We’re really up for being a classic 1970s rock band who puts out an album every year. It really freaks me out having three or four years between records. I don’t understand what you do with yourselves. We need to be in there and working and getting them out as quickly as we can. I’m excited to record again. The next record will be better than ‘Baby’ in a lot of ways.”

Tribes will play Reading and Leeds Festivals at the end of this month.