Tributes paid following the death of legendary NME writer Dele Fadele

RIP, Dele.

Tributes have been paid to the former NME writer Dele Fadele, whose death has been confirmed.

It is thought that Fadele died in 2018 of unknown causes, but his passing only became public knowledge last night (August 20), as LouderThanWar reports.

Fadele, who was born in Nigeria, became a recognisable face on London’s music scene in the late eighties when he began writing for NME.

He continued writing for the publication across the following two decades, with Courtney Love memorably describing Fadele’s take on Hole‘s 1991 performance at the Camden Underworld as the worst review she had ever received.

Fadele said of Hole: “You know you’re feeling elated, lost in wonder, not out of your cranium but wondering why there seem to be continents on the moon, and suddenly a dark cloud descends and you’re enveloped by gloom? Hole are those kind of party-poopers. Their ability to depress in the name of entertainment is unrivalled.”

Fadele was also a musician in his own right, heading up the band Welfare Heroin who released the singles ‘Cry Blood’ and ‘Starve The Eagle’ via Non Fiction Records in 1990 and 1991 respectively.

Paying tribute to Fadele, former NME writer Matt Wilkinson wrote: “Upset to hear of legendary NME writer Dele Fadele’s passing. I’d always smile when he would rustle into the office… you knew you were in for some amazing stories. I was in awe of him really.

“Dele was quite simply one of the last genuine eccentrics in music + a fantastic writer.”

Carl Loben, the editor-in-chief of DJ Mag, added: “Sad to hear about the passing of Dele Fadele; fine NME writer, dedicated supporter of new acts & a good musician too.

“Used to see him at gigs all the time in the 90s with his inevitable plastic bag of records, talking about being the only black guy at NME. Inspirational. RIP Dele.”

Tributes also came from former NME editor Danny Kelly, who wrote: “I could honestly talk about him for days. At the mo, my top three Dele memories would be titled Coloured Pencils, His New Coat and The Cleaners Cupboard. Man made me laugh.”

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