Tributes to famed hairdresser Lyndell Mansfield who styled The Gossip and more

Mansfield had been on life support following a heart attack and brain aneurysm

Lyndell Mansfield, the Australian hairdresser who styled acts including The Gossip, has died.

The stylist died last week after suffering a heart attack and a brain aneurysm. She was diagnosed with Covid last month [via Clash].

A crowdfunder had been set up to raise money for Mansfield’s family to fly over to the UK after she had been placed on life support.

Mansfield was a celebrated stylist in music industry and, as Clash writes, was the hairdresser for a number of its magazine stars including a cover shoot with The Gossip’s Beth Ditto.

Ditto, meanwhile, had written a heartfelt tribute to Mansfield last week in which she urged followers to donate to the crowdfunder in support of her close friend.

“If you know me at all you know lyndell. She is my chosen chosen sister. she has guided me, taught me. She is such a big part of the person I am. She is such an enormous part of Gossip.I don’t have words for how important she is to me. How cherished she is. Lyndell is on life support in London. Her family is in Australia. England has never ever felt so far away,” part of Ditto’s post read.

“This post is so hard to write. Because I love her so much. So many of us have been touched by her, changed by her. Danced by her. Her laugh. Her electricity. Her lust for life. I could tell you a thousand stories. I don’t think I’ve actually prayed since I was 19 years old. Today I found myself pleading with god or something. Anything to make her wake up. There is a link in my bio to get her family from Australia to London to be by her side.”

Dazed magazine has since paid tribute to the stylist after her passing. “RIP Lyndell Mansfield 🖤 While being one of the most important hair stylists and creatives of our time, she was an all round icon, as everyone who was lucky enough to cross paths with her can contend. Our thoughts and love goes out to Lyndell’s family, friends and loved ones.”

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