But the solo star rules out any future work with former friends Massive Attack...

TRICKY and ALANIS MORISSETTE are talking about working on an entire album together following a recent “amazing” collaboration on his new album ‘BLOWBACK’, NME.COM can reveal.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM today (June 6), the trip-hop originator also ruled out future work with former friends Massive Attack, who, he said, hated him now.

Tricky revealed that the collaboration with Morissette was a surprise even to himself.

“Someone at Hollywood Records said, ‘Are you into Alanis Morissette?’. I said ‘Yeah, she sells 26 million albums, of course. It would be perverse if she works with me, but I don’t think you can get her’. A week later they say she’s coming down the studio,” he explained.

“So I have the tracks ready and my bits done. I never seriously thought she was coming. Then one day she walks in the studio with a pen and paper and I thought it was amazing – I’ve more trouble with people who sell 10,000 records. She just came in, introduced herself to everyone and she says, ‘Can I hear the track?’. I played her the track, she said ‘Let’s go in the other room’, and she did three vocals in about an hour-and-a-half. But they only let me use one of them.”

Tricky added: “We’ve talked about working together, about doing an album. When we did the track, we were hanging out and she was really into it. So she’s just like, ‘We should go to India and do an album’.

“I’m not very good with roughing it. It’d need to five star hotels. I’m no good at that sleeping bags and huts and none of that shit.”

As for Massive Attack, Tricky said: “They hate me – except Mushroom –

and I think I know why it is. When me and 3D started off we had the same ideals, we wanted the same things. I think he hates me because I am what he wants to be. I never sold out. I never made an album to buy a house. I never compromised myself musically. He has done that. He got his house.”

Tricky also explained that he had overcome his paranoia and aggressive temper by cutting certain foods from his diet. He said he suffers from the recently diagnosed candida, a condition that had left him sugar, bread and dairy intolerant and prone to psychotic behaviour.