The CD features "a mixture of stuff" close to the heart of the trip-hopper...

Tricky is the latest star to put together a compilation for ‘BACK TO MINE’.

The trip-hopper says the compilation is, “a mixture of stuff I grew up on, and what I’m listening to now. I used to make loads of compilation tapes and I haven’t had the time for years, so this has been a real pleasure.”

Kicking off with ‘Lullaby’ byThe Cure, [/a] jumps from The Beat to The Buzzcocks to [a] to Chet Baker.


The full tracklisting is as follows:

The Cure – ‘Lullaby’

Little Kings – ‘How We Ride’

Eric B & Rakim – ‘My Melody’

The Beat – ‘Mirror In The Bathroom’

Doctor John – ‘Loop Guru’


Rodagan and Tricka – ‘Believe This’

Morphine – ‘Potion’

The Buzzcocks – ‘You Tear Me Up’

Le Tigre – ‘Much Finer’

Gregory Isaacs – ‘Night Nurse’

Kat Cross – ‘Symphony For Irony’

Kate Bush – ‘Eat The Music’

Constanza – ‘Desire’

Chet Baker – ‘My Funny Valentine’

Little Kings (feat. Shola) – ‘Days Like This’

This is the 14th in the Back To Mine series, and is out on September 15.