He's off for real in latest round of artist/label divorces...

Tricky has parted company with Island Records following disappointing sales of his fourth album, ‘Juxtapose’.

The Bristol-born rapper/producer, who now lives in New York, was said to be unhappy with his relationship with the record company and now the two have come to a settlement.

An Island spokesman said: “He hasn’t been dropped but we have come to the end of the contract. That’s all we have to say.”

Tricky hinted at his dissatisfaction with Island on his last single ‘For Real’. Taken from the ‘Juxtapose’ album, the song features the lines:

“Yeah, I’m a player hater/I hate when players can’t take their turn/And when the record company drops me/That’s when I learn”.

Tricky was unavailable for comment.