Tricky and POLLY HARVEY have teamed up and recorded a single together...

Tricky and POLLY HARVEY (pictured) have recorded a song together which is expected to be released as a single by Island in May.

The track, ‘Broken Homes’, was recorded in January in New York and will feature on Tricky’s new album, due out in the summer. A Tricky spokeswoman said: “They’re good friends and obviously them being on the same label made the thing easier, but the impetus came directly from them.”

Tricky supported Harvey on the UK tour for her ‘To Bring You My Love’ album. Harvey is currently working on a new album which is expected in the autumn. Meanwhile, Harvey has completed her first acting role. She plays Jesus Christ’s bodyguard Magdalena in the new Hal Hartley film The Book Of Life. The hour-long picture is one of a series of ten short films on a millennial theme being made for the French TV arts channel ARTE.

The film is described as “a Biblical espionage movie” in which Christ, played by Martin Donovan, and his bodyguard return to New York on New Year’s Eve 1999 to begin the Final Judgement. The film features new music by Harvey and is scheduled to premiere on French television in the autumn, closely followed by a UK airing.