The trip hopper par excellence to tell the story of his life...

Tricky has written an autobiography which will be published in November, can reveal.

The book is called ‘All I Hear Is Words’ and will feature writing, poetry, lyrics and artwork written and drawn by Tricky throughout the duration of his musical career.

The book will also feature a series of exclusive interviews with the rapper recorded in New York by publishers Payback Press.

In the interviews, Tricky talks about his relationship with and subsequent departure from his old label Island and the time he spent without a record deal at the start of the year.

In addition, plans are being drawn up for a free cover-mounted CD to be given away with the book which will feature new and exclusive Tricky tracks.

A spokesperson for Payback told that plans were at an embryonic stage and it was too early to tell what material would be used on the CD.

This is not the first time Tricky will have had his work published. He had a poem included in a 1998 collection of black British poetry called ‘The Fire People’.

Tricky has recently signed a new record deal with European branch of Californian label Epitaph following his departure last October from Island. He is currently recording new material with a view to releasing a new EP in July followed by a full studio album in the autumn.