Tricky wraps up US tour in California

Trip-hop star covers The Cure and XTC in LA

Tricky wrapped up his first US tour in five years in California this weekend, performing in Los Angeles on Friday night (September 12) and in San Francisco yesterday (September 14).

The trip-hop star mesmerised a packed house at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood on Friday, focusing on material from his recent album ‘Knowle West Boy’, as well as a handful of covers.

After the intro music, Phil Collins‘In the Air Tonight’, Tricky then appeared with his back to the audience, and smoked what appeared to be a huge joint, while the band led off with an instrumental version of ‘You Don’t Wanna’.


‘Past Mistake’ featured vocalist Veronika Coassolo, and ended with the rapper screaming and ripping off his t-shirt.

Tricky also performed two covers from his 2003 album ‘Vulnerable’, The Cure‘s ‘The Lovecats’ and XTC‘s ‘Dear God’.

The singer finished the evening with a climactic encore performance of ‘Vent’, which concluded with Tricky bowing to the audience and speaking some of his only words of the night: “I’ve been honoured to be here.”

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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