tripleS announce 2023 launch of new unit that includes members of Acid Angel From Asia

The 10-member group will include all four members of the tripleS Acid Angel from Asia subunit, which debuted last month

K-pop girl group tripleS have announced that they will be debuting a new 10-member unit  that includes members of its first subunit Acid Angel From Asia next year.

On November 26, Modhaus girl group tripleS uploaded a video to their YouTube channel revealing that the new unit will be formed by the nine known tripleS members as well as an additional member who has yet to be revealed. The name of the unit is still unknown.

The nine members that have already been revealed include Kim Yoo-yeon, Jeong Hye-rin, Kim Na-kyoung and Gong Yu-bin, who had previously debuted in tripleS’ first subunit Acid Angel From Asia in October with their mini-album ‘Access’, led by the single ‘Generation’. The other known members of the new tripleS unit are Yoon Seo-yeon, Lee Ji-woo, Kim Chae-yeon, Kim Soo-min and Kaede.


The first nine members were featured in the reveal video, in which they shared that they did not know who the 10th member would be. “We’ll be waiting, S10-nim,” says member Hye-rin in the clip, using a formal honorific.

The 10th member later makes an appearance at the end of the video with her face blurred out. After she is told by the agency that she will be joining the group for the new unit, the idol begins to cry. “I’ve been a trainee since I was in 8th grade, but finding out that I’m finally going to be revealed is just…” she says while in tears.

According to the video, tripleS – which has 24 members in total – will subsequently launch one large unit of similar scale as a full K-pop group at the beginning of every year.

Fans will also be able to vote on the upcoming unit’s lead single via tripleS’ Cosmo: The Origin app on the App Store or Google Play Store. Users will be able to vote on a total of eight songs during the week of December 1 to December 7. The winning track will then become their debut single.

The upcoming act is described as an NFT “fan-participating” girl group. Fans can vote for different variables such as the participating members of its subunits or lead singles by purchasing NFT tokens in the form of digital photocards on the app.



Earlier this month, a report on South Korean media outlet Wikitree claimed that tripleS’ Acid Angel From Asia subunit was disbanded after they did not sell 100,000 albums of their debut release. While it was revealed in a previous episode of the group’s SIGNAL YouTube Series that each subunit would only remain fixed if they hit 100,000 album sales, Modhaus has yet to confirm if Acid Angel From Asia has officially disbanded.

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