Trivium’s Matt Heafy calls out Machine Gun Kelly for “wearing a 16-year-old pop punk cosplay identity”

He also nicknames the pop-punk star 'Squirt Gun Smelly' following a beef with Slipknot

Trivium‘s Matt Heafy has inserted himself into the ongoing beef between Machine Gun Kelly and Slipknot, criticising the former for his “16-year-old pop punk cosplay identity.”

MGK sparked an uproar this month when he hit out at the veteran masked band at Chicago’s Riot Fest, saying onstage: “You wanna know what I’m really happy that I’m not doing? Being 50-years-old wearing a fucking weird mask on a fucking stage, talking shit.”

His onstage diss came after Taylor appeared to dismissively allude to Kelly in an interview earlier this year: “I hate all new rock for the most part. I [hate] the artists who failed in one genre and decided to go rock and I think he knows who he is.”


Referencing Kelly’s onstage comments, Heafy tweeted: “I’d like to formally diss Machine Gun Kelly for ‘being 31-years-old wearing a fucking 16-year-old pop punk cosplay identity on a fucking stage.'”

Giving Kelly the new nickname of ‘Squirt Gun Smelly’, Heafy added: “I never thought about him till he took a shot at Slipknot — who are a band who’s paved the way for bands like mine. Thousands of bands like mine. Squirt Gun is a clout chaser. And even though it’s all a PR stunt, a shot at Slipknot needs an addressing.”

In a sarcastic follow-up tweet, he then wrote: “I’d like to publicly apologize for my tasteless comments about MGK. I just found out he’s been afflicted by the Ligma variant. It’s really getting real out there. Thoughts and prayers homie.”


In his disses of the Slipknot frontman, Kelly said his issues with Taylor dated back to when he was working on his 2020 album ‘Tickets To My Downfall’.

“Corey did a verse for a song on tickets to my downfall album, it was fucking terrible, so i didn’t use it,” he wrote on Twitter.

“He got mad about it, and talked shit to a magazine about the same album he was almost on. yalls stories are all off. just admit he’s bitter.”

Elsewhere, Kelly got into a physical confrontation with fan at Louder Than Life festival this weekend.

During his performance at the Louisville event, MGK was confronted by two fans who jumped the front barricade after he made his way down to the photo pit. Footage shows Kelly throw a punch at a man in a great t-shirt as security gets in between them, although it’s not clear as to whether it landed.

This is the second real-life feud Kelly has been a part of in recent weeks, after being spotted in a brawl with Conor McGregor on the red carpet at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards last week.