“This was the most hysterical thing”: Troye Sivan recalls getting catfished by someone pretending to be Greta Thunberg

“It just completely mortified me and made me want to die and also cry laughing”

Troye Sivan has shared a baffling story about the time he and his manager were catfished by someone pretending to be environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

In a Twitter clip posted last Friday (March 27), Sivan explained how his manager, Dani Russin, was contacted by “Thunberg’s father”, who spoke to her about a hypothetical project called ‘Stars Save The Earth’. This involved Greta partnering up with notable people for a range of environmental activities, including swimming with sharks with Leonardo Di Caprio and saving animals in Africa with Prince Harry.

Russin eventually handed over the pop star’s phone number to “Greta” and they began texting. In a screenshot of his opening message to the Swedish teen activist, Sivan said he was “inspired” by her and was open to collaboration.


Sivan went on to explain how it was his manager’s boyfriend who raised the red flags.

Russin was at home with her partner, who is Swedish, when she told him about the contact who she believed was Thunberg’s father. When she mentioned how poor his English was, her partner was quick to suggest it wasn’t actually him.

“They go on YouTube and they start searching for interviews of Greta Thunberg’s dad, and they listen to these interviews, and Dani’s just like, ‘That is not the voice that I heard on the phone today,’” Sivan recalled in the clip.

The singer also shared a screenshot of his manager’s moment of realisation:


“I died laughing. To me, this was the most hysterical thing,” Sivan said of the moment he realised it was all a hoax.

“The fact that my ego was big enough to be like, ‘Yeah, Greta Thunberg kind of wants to chill, she’s a big fan, she wants to save the planet together.’ It just completely mortified me and made me want to die and also cry laughing.”

The final screenshot Sivan posted was a simple message from “Greta” asking “so, how are you?” It was captioned with a series of skull emojis.

Sivan is set to release a brand-new single, ‘Take Yourself Home’, on April 1. Last week, the Australian singer-songwriter said he wanted to help self-employed graphic designers and animation artists affected by the coronavirus crisis by employing them to work on material to promote his upcoming single.

On March 30, Sivan released the official artwork on Twitter and has since been making references to actress Saoirse Ronan, whose poster artwork for Ladybird (2017) shares a distinct similarity.

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