Truck Festival goers say their cash, wallets and valuables were stolen as they slept

Festival organisers say they're aware of the situation.

A number of Truck Festival attendees have reported having their cash, valuables, wallets and phones stolen while at the festival.

Taking place this weekend in Steventon, Oxfordshire, the line-up includes The Libertines, Franz Ferdinand, The Wombats and Slaves. The Vaccines headline tonight’s finale.

Harriet Hammond and partner Tom Barrett told the Oxford Mail that they heard about 30 people had reported thefts to security officials.

“It’s a festival, so you try and keep your valuables on us and you don’t leave them in your tent, but we came back to sleep in our tent and have woken up to find someone has opened our tent door and gone through our bags and stolen money from my purse,” Hammond explained.

“They also gone through jacket pockets. We are quite careful campers. They came through while we slept in the tent which is actually terrible.”

Another source said that thieves were taking phones if they were ‘out in the open’. Twitter users have also shared their experiences, with one writing ‘lots of phones being stolen and have heard two cases of 16 year old girls having drinks spiked – one went to hospital.’

Another added their her daughter’s phone had been stolen.

Festival Organiser, Matt Harrap is reportedly aware of the situation. “We are currently working with security to investigate this further,” he said.

“We have strict security measures in place and have security personnel and police officers patrolling 24 hours a day in the car parks and campsites, however, we remind our guests to keep valuables on their person at all times.”

The festival was criticised yesterday for its long queues, with attendees reporting that there were lines two-and-a-half miles long to get into the site.

When the line-up was announced earlier this year, festival director Matt Harrap said: “2017 is our 20th anniversary – we were determined to pull out all the stops and deliver something incredible and I’m proud to say I think it’s our best line-up yet. The bill is literally packed with some of the best talent from around the globe and our headliners are bona fide legends.”

He added: “With plenty more to announce in the coming weeks I think its safe to say Truck Festival’s 20th birthday party is going to be truly spectacular.”