Unauthorised biographer Andrew Morton alleges otherwise...

POSH SPICE VICTORIA BECKHAM‘s controversial biographer ANDREW MORTON has been challenged to go to the police with allegations that she and husband DAVID BECKHAM fabricated claims that son BROOKLYN was the centre of a kidnap attempt.

Morton casts doubt on the legitimacy of the couple’s claim in forthcoming unauthorised biography ‘Posh & Becks’, suggesting that the situation had been invented in order to substantiate David‘s claims that a previous incident, in which he had been caught speeding and was likely to lose his driving licence, was caused because he had been pursued by a paparazzi photographer.

The Crown Prosecution Service have issued a statement saying: “These are Mr Morton‘s opinions, and if he has got any evidence that there has been any wrong-doing, he ought to go to the police so they can investigate. We can only prosecute when matters are referred to us by the police.”


As events were reported at the time, the alleged snatch attempt came when a fan approached the couple asking for a photograph during a Christmas shopping trip to Harrods. But Morton‘s account claims no witness could be found, and another party is quoted alleging: “David Beckham had a court case at the time. He used the incident, spin-doctoring to get him off. There was no manic fan.”

This furore follows problems last month when the couple’s former bodyguard Mark Niblett ran into trouble for his contribution to the book. They took out an injunction against Niblett to prevent disclosure of his story of his time with them, but only a few hundred words were removed from the book.

‘Posh & Becks’ is published on October 12.

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