Trump supporters using Oasis photos to promote his rallies

Photo of Britpop band's Knebworth gig incorrectly labelled as a Trump rally

Donald Trump supporter has shared a photo of Oasis‘ famous Knebworth gig to represent the alleged numbers attending Trump rallies.

Billionaire TV personality-turned-Republican candidate goes up against Hillary Clinton for the US Presidency this week (November 8). His campaign has been marked by many controversial moments, including accusations of historic sexual assault and inappropriate comments made about women.

At the weekend, Twitter user @TWTWsports shared images he alleged was of Trump and Clinton rallies, attempting to show how many supporters Trump was able to mobilise. However, it was soon pointed out that one of the images wasn’t a Trump rally but an aerial shot of Oasis’ gig at Knebworth in 1996, attended by 250,000 fans over two days.


Having spotted the inaccuracy, a Twitter user asked the original poster if he preferred Noel or Liam Gallagher. The Trump fan replied: “I maintain that’s a photo of Donald in Iowa earlier this year, but Team Liam. Noel betrayed proletarian roots by embracing Blair”.

Last month, bookies suspended betting on Oasis reforming in 2017, as talk of the Britpop band getting back together continued to gather momentum. It has also been reported that Ride are lined up to support Oasis next year, although the band later said it was “news to us”.

The Gallagher brothers shared had a tense relationship since the Britpop group’s 2009 split, with Liam recently criticising Noel publicly, calling him a potato, a toad, a “scary clown”, describing him as the “Ronnie Corbett of rock” and comparing his brother’s dress sense to that of Gary Barlow.