tUnE-yArDs’ Merrill Garbus writing ‘chaotic’ new album ‘Sink-o’

She has been researching for the follow-up to 2011's 'Whokill' in Haiti

tUnE-yArDs‘ Merrill Garbus has said that she is currently writing a new album.

The follow-up to 2011’s critically acclaimed ‘Whokill’ will be the US musician and songwriter’s third album. Its working title is ‘Sink-o’. Writing at The Talk House, Garbus said: “These days, I’m trying to write a new album. Right now it’s called ‘Sink-o’, but who knows if that will remain. It came from my obsession with the word ‘syncopation’.”

Garbus also said that she recently took a research trip to Haiti in order to situate herself “in a non-western musical tradition” after studying drumming with Haitian-born Daniel Brevil in Oakland, California.

Along with a group of seven other students, she then took a four day course in “intensive folkloric and contemporary dance” at the Ecole Nationale des Arts (ENArts) in Port-au-Prince. “On these incredible days we were taught to dance by, I am convinced, some of the best folkloric and contemporary dancers in all of Haiti,” she wrote. “I am not a dancer so much, but these days I will dance harder than I ever have in my whole life. I will also cry some more. Several times, quietly.”

She explained that she is now back in her studio in Oakland “making a wild mess.” She wrote: “Chaos. I’m trying anything and everything rhythmic, and sometimes it sounds like an out-of-control beast I cannot begin to tame. But the rule is: don’t try to get it right, just be in the middle of it.”