Tupac Shakur’s ashes taken to Africa

On the 10th anniversary of his death

Tupac Shakur‘s ashes are being taken to Africa on the 10th anniversary of his death.

The ashes of the rapper, who died in September 1996, are being transported by his mother Afeni Shakur to Soweto in South Africa where Afeni will meet with Nelson Mandela.

Afeni will be joined by Tupac’s sister Gloria Cox and his daughter Set Shakur where they will visit South African hospitals and orphanages.

Afeni Shakur said: “I feel blessed to be able to visit South Africa, especially Soweto. Events that happened there are so much a part of our history and it will be an honour for my son to rest in this special place.

“The birthplace of the South African struggle for democracy. Nelson Mandela’s contribution to the people of South Africa has been immeasurable and I look forward to helping with his work all over the country.”

Afeni Shakur will be visiting South Africa between September 10- 18.