Tupac Shakur immortalised in bronze

A commemorative statue of the late rapper is unveiled…

Tupac Shakur became the first rapper to be immortalised in a bronze when a new statute of the late star was unveiled last week.

Over 1,000 people turned out for the ceremony which was held at the Peace Garden in the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center For The Arts (TASCA) (September 13).

The statue is the latest addition to the centre, which recently opened the first of three phases of construction, and founder of the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation (TASF), Ms Afeni Shakur – Tupac’s mother – is said to have found the event “an emotional, yet joyful experience”.

Occupying the centre of the six-acre Peace Garden, the seven-foot bronze statue is surrounded by poetry and quotations from the rapper’s work and sits atop a three foot base.

The sculpture – designed by Tina Allen – shows Tupac dressed in a suit and holding a copy of his book of poetry penned when he was just 19, ‘The Rose That Grew From Concrete’.

Allen said: “I was deeply moved to see so many people brought to tears upon first seeing the sculpture – it was clear that something very special had come into all of our lives through this remarkable young poet.”

She added: “Usually, people will applaud or cheer – but these people were reacting to Tupac’s statue on an entirely different level. Every generation picks their own heroes – and from the incredible display of emotion I was blessed to witness on Tuesday, this generation’s hero is clearly Tupac Shakur.”