US state official denies he was fired from his job for being too much of a Tupac fan

The fact he lived that Thug Life wasn't appreciated by his co-workers

The director of Iowa’s social services agency  has denied that being an obsessive fan of Tupac Shakur  was enough to cost him his job.

Emails obtained by The Associated Press appear to show that Jerry Foxhoven, the Iowa Department of Human Services Director, routinely sent messages to employees praising the late rapper’s music, and hosted weekly “Tupac Fridays” in the office where he played Tupac tracks. Foxhaven even marked his 65th birthday with Pac-themed cookies, including ones decorated with the words “Thug life.”

But Foxhaven’s Tupac obsession appeared to finally go a step too far when he sent an email urging others to honour the late rap legend’s birthday – a message he reportedly sent to the agency’s 4,300 employees. Foxhaven was apparently fired the next day.



The AP, who found out this information via emails released under the open records law in the US, reports that while some employees enjoyed Foxhoven’s approach to using Tupac to inject inspiration into a stressful workplace, at least one complained to lawmakers about it.

However, Foxhaven denies that his love of the iconic West Coast rapper was ultimately responsible for his dismissal.

“I think it’s a coincidence,” Mr. Foxhoven told the New York Times. 

Instead, he says that the office of Gov. Kim Reynolds had requested a meeting with him days before he sent the email which detailed his love of Tupac on June 14.

Many still believe Tupac Shakur faked his 1996 death and is still alive, and the reasons behind Foxhoven’s departure also look to be shrouded in mystery.