A collector is selling the cars Tupac and Biggie Smalls were shot in

The rap icons were killed in separate drive-by shootings in 1996 and 1997 respectively

A collector is currently selling the cars that Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. were shot and killed in.

The two rap icons were both killed in drive-by shootings in the 1990s, with Tupac being slain during an incident in Las Vegas in September 1996 and Biggie passing away after being targeted in a drive-by in LA 21 years ago today (March 9).

The two cars involved in the shootings are currently up for sale, with Moments In Time founder Gary Zimet – who sells “original historical materials” – putting the vehicles on the market.


The GMC Suburban SUV Biggie was shot in is reportedly being auctioned for $750,000 (£541,000), while the BMW 7 Series Tupac was killed in is being valued at $1.5 million (£1.3 million).

Tupac and Biggie Smalls

Speaking to Pitchfork, Zimet revealed that the BMV had been fully restored – “and, unfortunately, all the bullet holes were done over and you can hardly tell it was a car used in a murder.”

The Biggie car, however, has only had its doors replaced – meaning that a bullet hole from the drive-by is still visible in one of the seatbelts – and Zimet is selling the car on behalf of a family who own the vehicle.

“I know museums would love to have it, as they are currently building a hip-hop museum in New York City,” Zimet said about the items. “Unfortunately, museums are perpetually broke. But look, eventually it will sell, no question. It’s just about finding the right buyer.”

Zimet also argues that both of the items hold “historical significance”.


“You really have to look at this from a historical angle. If the car JFK got killed in ever went up for sale— and, unfortunately, it never will —it would bring in a minimum of $25 million.”

Yesterday (March 8), the artist Lil Xan came in for criticism after he called Tupac “boring”.