Turns out that Bastille did have a cameo in ‘Game Of Thrones’ after all

WARNING - features spoilers

After previously being coy any denying any role, it turns that Bastille did have a cameo in ‘Game Of Thrones‘ after all.

Speaking at the NME Awards back in February, frontman Dan Smith downplayed rumours that they’d be making a cameo in ‘Game Of Thrones’ season 7.

Drummer Chris Wood said that they visited the set as “purely a studio tour… some say tour, some say breaking and entering. Who knows?”


Smith added: “Yeah, just a studio tour. We’ll see. We’ll see. When the episodes come out and we’re nowhere near them it’ll be like a fart in the wind. But yeah, we’re big fans of the show.”

However, as The Independent reports, Bastille’s Kyle Simmons and the band’s tour manager Dick Meredith made an appearance in the season 7 finale. Not only that, but the band have shared a photo from the shoot.


At around the 72-minute mark of the film, Kyle and Dick are seen following the White Walkers, marching among the undead army towards the wall. See footage of the scene below, as well as the band’s own photo from the set.


Scenes shot by Dan Smith and the rest of the band are believed to have been cut from the final edit of the episode.

The band now join the likes of fellow musicians Sigur Ros, Coldplay’s Will Champion and controversially Ed Sheeran in making a cameo in the fantasy show.

Meanwhile, this weekend saw Bastille play huge sets at Reading & Leeds Festival 2017.

Asked if they could see themselves topping the bill in the years ahead, drummer Chris ‘Woody’ Wood joked that it was either that or ‘the job centre’.

Dan Smith continued: “I loved our slot. There’s always been element of sort of ‘underdog-ness’ to us. That sounds ridiculous and is probably the worst sentence that anyone has ever said, but we’ve always been a band that people seem to like but there’s never been super-hyped or anything. It’s always a pleasure to play a show and have more people come than we expect. I’m not really fussed. I guess it would be very surreal to headline, but I guess there’s lots of pressure that would come with that.

“It was just so great last night, everyone had a good time, everyone was up for it – I loved it.”

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