Turns out Prince’s favourite colour wasn’t even purple


Prince‘s favourite colour wasn’t even purple, the sister of the late pop legend has revealed.

The news comes in a new Evening Standard interview with The Purple One’s sister Tyka Nelson, wherein she reveals that – despite Prince’s career being framed and coloured by the mix of blue and red, purple wasn’t even his favourite colour.

It was, in fact, orange.

“It is strange because people always associate the colour purple with Prince…” Nelson says in the interview“but his favourite colour was actually orange.”

Shocked? You’re not the only one. Pantone just named a shade of purple after the guy. Imagine how they feel.

Nelson’s interview was based around London’s upcoming Prince exhibition, which is set to feature his equally iconic orange Cloud guitar.

The exhibition will include guitars, stage costumes, jewellery and items from iconic tours such as Purple Rain in 1984 and LoveSexy in 1988. Opening on October 27 at the O2 in London, it will run for 21 days.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Beyoncé has written the foreword to a new book on the life of Prince, titled Prince: A Private View.

The singer has contributed words to the book, which compiles photos by the late Afshin Shahidi, a pop photography legend and friend of Prince’s for over 20 years. “Truth be told, the word ‘icon’ only scratches the surface of what Prince was and what he remains to me,” Beyoncé writes in her introduction.

Prince: A Private View is due out on October 17.