TV On The Radio preview new album at SXSW

'It's great to be playing together again' says guitarist Kyp Malone

TV On The Radio returned to live action at the South By Southwest festival this week (beginning March 14), previewing their new album ‘Nine Types Of Light’.

Bassist Gerard Smith was out of the line-up following his diagnoses of lung cancer, so drummer Jaleel Bunton stepped in on bass duties. Guest drummer Japhet Landis filled in behind the kit.

Guitarist/vocalist Kyp Malone, speaking before the band’s show at the Spin party at the Texas event, told NME that it felt great to be playing together again after over three years away.


“We didn’t really have time to miss each other because we see each other all the time,” he said, “but it’s great to be playing together again. We’re still learning the songs from ‘Nine Types Of Light’ and we haven’t been here at SXSW as a band for years.”

Malone confessed that his attention has been torn between the festival in Austin and major world events including the recent Japan earthquake and union demonstrations in Wisconsin.

“There are a lot of things happening globally that exceed the importance of what’s happening here,” he said. “Reports about Japan and Wisconsin took my eyes away from Austin.”

He also mentioned that he recently went to Algeria to work on music, and he hopes to return after touring in support of the new album. “I’d really like to go to the African continent more to work there,” he said. “I think it’s totally possible.”

‘Nine Types Of Light’ is due out on April 11.

TV On The Radio played:


‘Young Liars’
‘Dancing Choose’
‘Will Do’
‘Staring At The Sun’
‘Red Dress’
‘Blues From Down Here’
‘Wolf Like Me’

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