TV Priest soundtrack a knight’s last dance in ‘One Easy Thing’ video

The track will feature on the band's upcoming second album, due later this year

TV Priest have shared a bleakly humorous video for their new single ‘One Easy Thing’, in which they soundtrack a knight’s final dance.

The London band’s new track is the latest to be taken from their upcoming album, which will be released by Sub Pop later this year.

The black-and-white ‘One Easy Thing’ video shows a 15th-century knight – played by singer Charlie Drinkwater – coming home from battle on his horse and noticing he’s bleeding. Before he succumbs to his injury, though, he embarks on one final “danse macabre”.


“Writing ‘One Easy Thing’ was key to unlocking a more direct and personal approach to our songwriting,” Drinkwater said in a press release. “It’s about dealing with the small things of everyday life; the anxiety, pressures, and battles inside your own headspace – and not being afraid to show this in our songs.” Watch the ‘One Easy Thing’ video, directed by Joe Wheatley, below now.

A press release for the track also states that TV Priest will be announcing new tour dates and further details of their second album “in the near future”.

The quartet released their debut album ‘Uppers’ last year. The band described it as “a record that embraces uncertainty, that renewed friendships, and helped us through some strange and tough times” in a social media post.

In a three-star review, NME said: “It’s a solid and tight cry of frustration that many of us share but are unwilling, or unable, to put into words, their debut becoming less a game of ‘Spot The Influence’, and more of a subtle, yet powerful, nod to those that share similar world-weariness.”


Prior to the record coming out, the band shared ‘Press Gang’, a single that took on the news media and our ‘post-truth’ world. “Thrust a paper in your hand / Went for a walk through an ink-stained land  / You’re better off uninformed / High, high praise indeed!” Drinkwater sang on the track.