The TV spin-off band tell NME.COM their staggering rider requirements...

THE TWEENIES have revealed their outrageous tour rider demands to NME.COM – securing their reputation as one of the world’s most demanding live acts.

Having sold over 350,000 tickets for an epic 98 arena shows, the band have followed in the footsteps of acts like North & South and S Club 7 in launching a pop career off the back of a TV show. The band – Bella, Milo, Fizz and Jake – even insist on taking Max’s dog, Doodles, on the road with them.

And as NME.COM can reveal, The Tweenies’ rider demands eclipse notorious demands made even by Van Halen, who in the ’80s stipulated that all brown M&Ms be removed from their backstage selection.

The band’s rider is as follows:


Her favourite books.

Crayons and paper

Dressing-up clothes (especially her fairy wings)

Her favourite CDs

Her beanbag

Crisps, apples, orange juice and fairy cakes


Paper, paints and paintbrushes

Her princess outfit

A collection of dinosaurs and a toy lizard

Her book of snakes

Her beanbag

Raw carrots, apples, grapes, milk and jam sandwiches


A football

His scooter with crash helmet and pads

A huge pile of videos to watch

Books on space, spaceships and aliens

His beanbag

Anything! As long as there’s lots of it


His snuggly blanket

His teddy

His Dotman cape

A toy train, aeroplane and building block

His beanbag

Crisps, bananas, peanut butter sandwiches and bananas, Juice and bananas. Not forgetting the bananas


His collection of bones

His collection of doggy toys

His beanbag

A diamante collar and lead

Scrummy wummy groovy food

The band, who had one of the best-selling singles of last year with ‘Number One’ in December, look set to have another chart smash with their second single, ‘Best Friend’, which is released today (March 19) through BBC records.