Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler Joseph issues apology over joke about “using his platforms”

"I'm truly sorry if it hurt anyone"

Twenty One Pilots‘ Tyler Joseph has issued an apology after making a joke about using his “platforms” which many of his followers deemed insensitive.

Joseph took to Twitter yesterday (September 3) to share two photos of himself wearing a pair of white platform shoes, captioning the post: “You guys keep asking me to use my platforms. Feels good to dust these bad boys off.”

The joke was perceived to be a response to many of the singer’s fans who have urged him to use his status and large following to raise awareness of the Black Lives Matter movement and other social issues.


“Human rights aren’t a joke? But OK,” one fan replied. Another commented: “No that’s actually not what we mean. We would like you to speak up on the injustice in this country.”

A third follower labelled the post “really tone-deaf and insensitive”, adding: “You’ve been known to not like to talk about ‘politics’ but are human rights really that political? No, they are not.”

In a series of subsequent posts, the singer shared various resources and links on mental health to his 2.2million followers – but was criticised for not expressing his views on Black Lives Matter.

“My tweet wasn’t suppose[d] to be about human rights so in case you are wondering where I stand: Black Lives Matter,” Joseph responded to the backlash.


“I just wanted to take a moment to raise awareness about something else that has meant a lot to me for a long time. But now I see there is no room for that right now.”

In a follow-up message, he added that he was “truly sorry if it hurt anyone” and shared a link to a Black Lives Matter resources website. “Here is a link with a lot of great info that I stand by,” he said. You can see that tweet above.

Joesph’s initial post has since been re-tweeted 19,000 times, quote-tweeted 37,000 times and has registered 145,000 ‘likes’.