TWICE’s Nayeon says she “couldn’t believe” she was the first to go solo

She also noted that her bandmates "helped with making important decisions"

TWICE’s Nayeon has opened up about her debut solo mini-album ‘IM NAYEON’ and how she felt about going solo.

In a new interview with Teen Vogue, the 26-year-old K-pop idol spoke about her debut solo mini-album ‘IM NAYEON’ and its lead single ‘POP!’, both of which which arrived last Friday (June 24), with her calling it a “new beginning for both Nayeon and TWICE”.

“I couldn’t believe I was the first to go. I had a little pressure but a lot of worry,” she said. “I’ve experienced a lot and I feel more comfortable with the flexibility in my style of work. So, that makes me enthusiastic and wanting to try more different things.”


“The members kept wondering how the promotions were going to be,” Nayeon reflected, adding that the girl group had remained involved and supportive as she worked on her solo record. “They also helped with making important decisions, no matter how small or big. They were still involved in some ways, trying to help me by my side.”

The singer also noted that the physical packaging for her album also includes special notes from her TWICE bandmates. “I started reading them but I become overwhelmingly touched whenever I do so I haven’t finished it yet,” Nayeon admitted. “But the most valuable advice that stuck to me was reading how they’re so proud of me and they trust me.”

The seven-track ‘IM NAYEON’ features JYP Entertainment labelmate Felix of Stray Kids on the song ‘No Problem’, while rapper Wonstein appears on ‘Love Countdown’. Other tracks on ‘IM NAYEON’ include ‘Candyfloss’, ‘Happy Birthday To You’ and ‘노을만 예쁘다’ (loosely translates to ‘Only The Sunset is Pretty’).

Meanwhile, American singer-songwriter Destiny Rogers, who previously helped pen ‘Moonlight’ from TWICE’s 2021 album ‘Formula of Love: O+T=<3’, is a composer on the song ‘All Or Nothing’, which will feature lyrics by Nayeon.